Licensed Private Investigator: Covering Cairns City and greater region, also Sydney Central and outer regions. 

Point-One Private Investigators - Investigation Services

The Importance of Good Customer Service

At Point-One we are a highly professional, dedicated and very much in demand private investigations agency located in Cairns (QLD), also offering service in Sydney (NSW). We firmly believe that our service is second to none in both service and client care. All agents working for Point-One are fully licensed professionals who take the uttermost pride in their work. We take a meticulous approach to all of our investigative work; attention to detail is a hallmark within every facet of our business. Our main areas of investigation are:

  •     Missing Persons Investigations
  •     Cheating Partner/Infidelity Investigations
  •     TSCM : Audio/Visual Bug Detection
  •     Workplace Absenteeism
  •     Child/Teen Activity

Our Principal Investigator has a background of 20 years’ experience throughout Australia as a health care professional in Nursing Management and practice, as a result he has brought to investigative services the highest standard of thoroughness, professional/ethical and client care that very few can match, making 'Point-One' an obvious first choice when entrusting your professional or personal matters with an Investigations agency.  If you require an investigator in the Cairns and Sydney regions, we will make every attempt to assist you with your requirements. Our pricing is highly competitive and reasonable, and as with any honest and reputable agency we make no outlandish promises of guaranteed results, nor do we falsely or vaguely advertise services that simply can not be delivered. At Point-One we can, and only guarantee that we will undertake all work with an ethical,  honest and enthusiastic attitude. And we will at all times treat every case with diligence, respect, integrity, expedience, and as economically as possible.


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Partner cheating on you?

Cheating Partner?

We've often heard of relationships ending or marriages breaking up over infidelity. There are many mistakes that can be, and are, forgiven in a relationship, but cheating is one of those almost unforgivable ones. At Point-One we can offer you our services to uncover the activities of a cheating partner, or even conduct surveillance on a potential partner so you can feel safe and secure that they are indeed who they have put themselves forward as being. So why not consider a night's surveillance on a potential partner to find out what they really get up to. Our highly professionally licensed agents in Cairns and Sydney can assist you.


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Missing Persons

Missing Person

Are you looking for a loved one, missing friend, legal witness, or debtor? Point-One can help you with any genuine and lawful missing person's issue.

There are many reasons as to why someone may wish to locate another individual, in this area of investigations private investigators are an ideal and logical point of contact.


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TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) also known as bug sweeping or counter surveillance, is the process of electronically and physically inspecting offices, buildings, vehicles and telephone systems for the presence of eavesdropping devices.

In a day and age where privacy is becoming more an issue for business, corporations and private citizens it is understandable that many feel and may rightly so believe that someone is either listening to or watching them via covert means.


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Child & Teen Activity Investigations

What are these teens up to?

Do you know where your child is tonight?
Do you know who your teenage daughter/son is spending the evening with?
Is your Daughter/son telling you the truth about their activities?
Is your child engaging in risky or dangerous activity?
Is your child attending schoolies week on the Gold Coast this year, or even within Melbourne or Sydney and surrounding regions, and are you concerned?


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