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At Point-One we are a highly professional and dedicated private investigations agency located in Cairns, (QLD), we also offer service in the Sydney (NSW). We firmly believe that the service we offer, in every aspect is second to none. We take a meticulous approach to all of our investigative work; attention to detail is a hallmark within every facet of our business.

Our Principal Investigator has background of 20 years’ experience throughout Australia as a healthcare professional in Nursing Management and practice, as a result he brings to investigative services a level and standard of thoroughness, professionalism, ethics, compassion and client care that very few could ever hope to match, making 'Point-One' an obvious first choice when entrusting your professional or personal matters with an Investigations agency .

Our main focus of investigations are:

  •     Missing Persons
  •     Cheating Spouse Investigations
  •     TSCM
  •     Workplace Absenteeism
  •     Child/Activity

Investigation outcomes can be unpredictable and achieving a positive result may depend on many factors. We take an intelligent, logical and fastidious approach to all of our investigative work, therefore achieving the best possible results for our clients. At 'Point-One' we always utilize the most proven investigative techniques and the best technology and equipment possible to gain the results that make us a leader in the Investigative industry.



We understand that engaging the services of a Private Investigator may at times be a costly process, however at Point-One our service costing is highly competitive and our Pricing Page will assist you in obtaining a cost estimation on services provided by Point-One. We find that all too often clients are frustrated and less than satisfied with the somewhat ambiguous pricing provided by many Private Investigators. At Point-One every effort is made by us to ensure that our advertised costing is up to date and relevant. We are one of the very few Investigative professionals who openly advertise pricing estimations. At Point-One we are amongst the most highly competitive services when considering your budget. Please be sure to visit our 'Pricing Guide' for more detail.

For many clients contacting a Private Investigator may be the result of difficult and traumatic circumstances. Therefore we take a respectful, empathetic and personable approach whenever we are contacted with an inquiry to undertake delicate and at times very personal matters. We will keep you regularly updated as to the progress of your investigation so you will know that your hard earned money is being wisely invested, after all, we are working for 'you'. We make ourselves available 24/7 to our clients and will always cheerfully and happily answer any queries or concerns that you may have. We pride ourselves on a courteous and friendly disposition that is immediately evident when contacting us.




TSCM equipment

Private Investigators are not magicians. Ours is an industry revolving around detail gathered through available information, the understanding of this detail, and the working knowledge of how to follow the trails we uncover. This detailed information is generated through diligence and knowing where to look. Like librarians, we are not geniuses. We are simply trained on where and how to find information.
Sometimes the information generated in an investigation is contrary to what the client hopes to find. Point-One as all investigative agencies are not able to guarantee results. We can only guarantee that the necessary information, documentation, etc. will be searched for diligently, legally, expediently, and as economically as possible.
If surveillance is necessary we feel obligated to inform you of the “real life caveats.” Surveillance, especially moving surveillance, is a hit and miss science. We can perform these observations under agreed upon time and location parameters but cannot promise activity on behalf of the subject. Similarly, moving surveillance carries with it inherent obstacles such as the unpredictable nature of traffic. There is no guarantee that contact with the subject can be maintained as we cannot predict traffic flow, traffic conditions, weather, or other unforeseen problems. We as Private Investigators must abide by all laws just as all other private citizens must, this includes traffic laws. Similarly, privacy and private property laws will dictate the conduct of some surveillance.
Unfortunately there are all to many investigative services that promise what they simply can not deliver. At times It may well arise that we are not able to assist you, or your request is beyond our scope of practice. We will always reliably inform you if we feel we can or can not assist in a particular matter. If we are unable to assist you, we will attempt to refer you to another trusted and reliable service who may best be able to help you with your query. We can and do however make a fairly solid promise that not all agencies are able to. That is, we will do everything in our power to reach the goal of obtaining the information you need in a timely and economical fashion and conduct ourselves in a professional, discreet and ethical manner while representing you in your case.

We are %100 dedicated to our business and clients, therefore we are continually striving to improve every facet of our business, thus ensuring we are always able to provide a service of the highest professional and ethical standards. Please always be encouraged to take a few minutes and fill out our online feedback form.

So if you require excellent service at a competitive and reasonable rate, and you require investigations work in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast regions, then we are certainly a first choice.


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