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Whether you are in the Cairns or Sydney Regions, cheating partner, cheating spouse or infidelity investigations are our specialty, regardless if a cheating husband, cheating wife, cheating girlfriend/boyfriend, we undertake all these infidelity investigations with discretion, respect and empathy.   

We've often heard of relationships ending or marriages breaking up over infidelity. There are many mistakes that can be, and are, forgiven in a relationship, but cheating is one of those almost unforgivable ones. At Point-One we can offer you our services to uncover the activities of a cheating partner, or even conduct surveillance on a potential partner so you can feel safe and secure that they are indeed who they have put themselves forward as being. There can be nothing worse at times than being left wondering how long your partner was fooling around behind your back and how you could have been so naive. If there's one thing we human beings hate, it is to be made a fool of. So why not consider a night's surveillance on a potential partner to find out what they really get up to.
Fidelity is the basic premise of any relationship and most people feel that cheating cannot be condoned. Whether your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you while you're dating, or your fiancée plays around during the engagement, or if there is adultery in a marriage, the ramifications are immense. There are often messy confrontations, sometimes a bitter break-up and an ongoing sense of hurt and betrayal.

At Point-One we are sensitive to these issues and realize that they are of the uttermost importance and concern to many people throughout all walks of life, infidelity does not affect any one section of our community, also both male and female partners can be guilty of cheating on a partner whilst in a relationship.

Partner cheating


Is your partner spending 'more time away' from home? Works extra-long hours, and does not talk to you about it.
Is your partner being secretive about making 'phone calls'? Talks softly on the phone and hangs up when you enter the room.
Is your partner becoming very careful to 'erases history' of calls on the phone? Or erasing text messages from a mobile telephone when once this was not such an issue?
Is your partner being 'Secretive', If your previously open and communicative partner suddenly goes into a shell and clams up or starts concealing things from you, be warned.
Take note if your partner starts taking extra care of their 'Appearance', after being in a relationship for a while, most people get complacent and start neglecting their appearance. If he/she is one of those, and suddenly starts taking extra care to be impeccably groomed, they could be trying to impress someone else.





Have you noticed 'Unexplained expenditures', If his/her credit card bill can be fixed at a certain average amount and it suddenly keeps escalating, he/she could be buying some lavish gifts and if you're not on the receiving end, you might like to find out who is. If your partner wants to go out with his/her friends 'exclusively', If he/she keeps making excuses to go out on dates with you only or be alone with you, your antenna should be up.

In an age where internet dating is becoming a common every day occurrence, has your partner suddenly put a 'password' on their computer?

Has your Partner 'unexpectedly' joined a gym or some other club, and spends a lot of time there?

Partner cheating


The above mentioned are just a few examples of signs that may be present when a spouse is not being faithful and could possibly be cheating. At Point-One we will treat your situation with the uttermost respect and total confidentiality. If your partner is indeed cheating, then we at Point-One will do our uttermost to obtain evidence of this licentious activity. If you want to know what your partner is up to this evening then we can assist you. Or If you simply are looking for peace of mind that your partner only has you in their thoughts when you are not present, then contact Point-One.

When contacting us with a view to retaining our services in relation to these matters please take note of the information that we will require in order to conduct an effective investigation:

  • Name of Person Of Interest (POI)
  • Reason/s you feel that your partner may not be behaving honestly  within your relationship
  • Home Address of POI
  • Work Address of POI
  • Address at which you will be requesting commencement of surveillance
  • Day and Time that you will be requesting surveillance to begin
  • Name and Address of other parties that you suspect may be involved (if available)
  • Regular locations/addresses that POI may frequent
  • Make/Model/Color/Reg No of all vehicles belonging to POI
  • Current photo of POI
  • If no photo available: Accurate description of POI, IE: Height, age, hair, complexion, distinguishing features etc, you may be contacted by our agent via email/text to confirm identity
  • Number of hours/days you wish Surveillance to be conducted for (four hour minimum)

As with all matters, we will always be totally discrete and respectful when investigating issues of infidelity.

When contacting us with a view to retaining our services in relation to these matters please take note of the information that we will require in order to conduct an effective investigation:

Feel free to view our pricing guide to obtain an estimate on costing before you commit to engaging our services, or contact us directly with your requirements.

Cheating partner and infidelity investigations are the cornerstone of out business, so if you suspect a cheating partner then we may be able to assist you.

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