Point-One Investigators - Child & Teen Activity Investigations

Conducting Investigations and surveillance on on the activities of under aged children and teens. Discrete enquiries and surveillance on your child when you are unable to be present. Child and Teen Investigations conducted in NSW, QLD & VIC. 

  • Do you know where your child is tonight?
  • Do you know who your teenage daughter/son is spending the evening with?
  • Is your Daughter/son telling you the truth about their activities?
  • Is your child engaging in risky or dangerous activity?
  • Is your child attending schoolies week this year, and are you concerned?

Child and Teen Activity Investigations


Knowing what your teen is doing is your responsibility as a parent! Do not feel guilty about wanting to know what your child is doing when they leave the house, you as a responsible and caring parent have an obligation to your child and yourself to ensure that your daughter or son are safe and well at all times. Hiring a professional private investigator to help you find out if your suspicions are true or false is a responsible action, and believe it or not, a discreet investigation by an experienced professional can be done without your teenager ever knowing anyone has checked on them. Maybe you’ll find out they are telling “the truth, and nothing, but the truth.” Let’s hope so, but you do have every right and responsibility as a parent to know “what is my teen up to?”

Now more than ever it can be very dangerous to be a teenager. Young people today have some much more to deal with than we ever did. They need our help, even if they don’t think so. Actually, you may well find that they will really appreciate you cared for them in this effort when they get older. At least they will get older! Remember, it will be up to you when and if you ever tell them about the “little” investigation into their activities.





There are many red flags that may point to your loved child having issues that should be investigated and addressed. Some of the following are signs that you as a parent should considder as indicators that all is not well in your childs life.

•    Suffering mood swings?
•    Poor attendance at school?
•    Suspected Drug Use?
•    Recent change in circle of friends?
•    Disappear for hours at a time?
•    Hanging with the wrong crowd?
•    Discreet or excessive computer use?
•    Is your child acting different or strange?
•    Is your teenager dating and or involved with an older adult?
•    Does mileage in the family car match up to places he/she was supposed to be?


Child and Teen Activity Investigations

We are able to undertake discrete surveillance of your child’s activity and report back to you with verbal and visual conformation of activities. At the very least we will report that your child has indeed only been undertaking exactly as they have promised, giving you piece of mind. However, if your child’s activities are putting them at risk or in danger, you would wish to know.

When conducted before it is too late, teen investigations can save your child’s life. Parents have the right to know and protect their children, insuring that their safety and well-being today will provide a lifetime of happiness tomorrow.
Teen investigations are unique and at times a very sobering experience for the entire family, but becoming more prominent and necessary. Providing peace of mind through discreet investigations of your teen to verify their activities can save their life.
We are very sensitive to these issues and will always treat them with the greatest diligence and respect that they deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact us .

Conducting discreet enquiries and surveillance on your child's/teen's activities in QLD, NSW & VIC. Helping to ensure that your child's or teen's activities are not putting their safety at risk.     





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