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Private investigator costs can at times be high, just as the costs of conducting private investigations can soon add up. Balancing investigation costs and investigation charges can prove at times to be a challenging endeavour. Investigators must always be able to fully and effectively undertake investigations, yet also be mindful of the clients budget. 

We will always work with our clients, and we will always attempt to work within your budget.  

All work undertaken for our clients is priced on an individual case by case basis as all of our client needs, requirements and situations are different. However at Point-One we believe that by providing a basic cost estimation on our site we are able to provide our clients with as much transparency relating to the costs of our services as possible. At Point-One we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, we are one of only very few Investigative agencies who provide an online pricing/information guide to assist our potential clients in obtaining a cost estimate for our services. We attempt to include all reasonable costs within our base rates as we believe this makes the costing of our services far more user friendly for client and Investigator alike.

Our pricing has been carefully costed, and our pricing guide reflects our minimum rates and hours. Ultimatly, engaging any private investigator service may require only a few hours, or many hours of work. We are unable to pre-determin if we are able to obtain results, nor are we able to view a crystal ball in order to determin the length of time required for a case. Hence, you must always consider  how much time and money you are willing and able to invest in order to obtain a result.     


Terms & Conditions

Private Clients

We will require that the minimum payment for services be made before we are able to undertake case work. If further time is requested on a case we will require payment be made in advance also. All payment 'must' be received in 'full' before release of findings/information/report.

Corporate Clients

Corporate fees may vary from listed prices, please contact us for further details. Corporate clients may be invoiced post completion of work undertaken with a 15-30 day invoice period.

International Clients

All payments by international clients must be made in advance of work to be completed.


Please be aware we require more than 24 hours notice for cancellation of any of our services. Refund is provided less %10.
Any service canceled within less than 24 hours will not be entitled to a refund.






At Point-One we attempt to provide the most cost effective service possible for our clients, our minimum fee of $400.00 is inclusive of incidentals such as mailings, photos, video transfers/copies, basic travel expenditure etc. Point-One as with most reputable professional investigation agencies will only ever charge for the time and reasonable expenses incurred that we have utilized to undertake your case. Clients must always understand and be totally aware that additional costs may arise through the course of our investigations/surveillance, and you will be invoiced for these additional expenditures.

On completion of surveillance operations, all outstanding fees 'must' be paid before surveillance results are forwarded. 

We do generally encourage and appreciate that all surveillance costs are paid in advance with only mileage and disbursement fees to be paid on completion.

$70.00 per hour Surveilance fee: four hour minimum

$70.00 travel costs

$50.00 service and administration fee

Total: $400.00

Please Note: The extra costs that may be incurred will arise if either mobile vehicle surveillance/travel should exceed 100 km. You 'may' then incur charges of 65c per km.  Disbursements such as costs of public transport, accommodation, parking, admission fees etc may also be incurred. These costs will be invoiced and must be paid on completion of surveillance services.


Our TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) service is presently conducted by our Principal Investigator, we are able to offer this service within our primary areas of operations (Cairns Region). Please do not hesitate to contact our office so we are able to discuss with you your personal requirements in regards to this service.

$250.00 per hour

Two Hour Minimum for Private and Business premises. 

$250 per hour thereafter

Private Clients: payable in advance 

Corporate/Business Clients: 2 hrs Payable in advance, final balance payable on completion of service. 

Missing Persons

We urge you to look at our Missing Persons section before contacting us with a missing persons inquiry. Our minimum charge of $80.00 is payable in advance, based on result a further $80.00 must be paid. This initial search can yield a positive result and we will advise of any further options or investigative work if required.
A missing person’s case may take only a few hours to conclude or it could take very many hours, depending on the complexity of the case.

$80.00 In advance, and additional $80.00 Payable if we are able to yield a positive result.

= $160.00

$80.00 Fee 'must' be paid in advance of any work undertaken.

In the case that you request foot surveillance/physical evidence of a locate, or it becomes necessary that we undertake physical operations, then you will be charged at the standard surveillance rate, including disbursements.


We will always provide you with the basic required information on your investigation. Detailed reports are available on request. Reports may typically take one hour to several hours to write depending on the complexity and nature of the investigation. For legal action you 'may' require our agents to complete a detailed report.

$ 120.00

You will always receive basic results and findings of your case. However some clients may wish for a detailed report. 

These reports are optional. Please make yourself aware if you require a report for legal proceedings.

Travel and Mileage

At Point-One we make every effort to keep these charges to an absolute minimum.  Please Note: We are unable to control a surveillance subjects movements, we will always attempt to contact our clients if it appears that the subject of surveillance will be covering great distances resulting in possible larger costs. However clients 'must' understand and be prepared at times to pay the additional costs under the above described conditions.         

Travel Time: $65.00

Mileage: 0.65 cents per km

Please Note:  All areas of operations may incur a mileage charge.

Service and Administration

This fee has been included on our pricing page as It is relevant to most of our services. We have attempted to factor in all our administrative costs and have kept this fee to a fixed minimum price.

$50.00 Inclusive

These are purely essential operational expenditures and costs that are unavoidable and as described are required to effectively undertake our operations, and in a timely and efficient manner provide service to our clients. 


The information supplied in our pricing guide is merely a basic guideline to assist our clients, costs for individual cases may vary. Please contact us for your specific requirements so we are best able to help you and give you a more precise costing for the service you require. Within our price guide we are unable to Include and factor in all variances for individual cases. Rates for private investigator services differ dramatically, we believe that our service pricing is amongst the most competitive and transparent. 

If you have any questions we will be pleased to answer them. Please contact us.


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