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Are you looking for a loved one, missing friend, legal witness, or debtor? Point-One can help you with any genuine and lawful missing person's issue.

There are many reasons as to why someone may wish to locate another individual, in this area of investigations private investigators are an ideal and logical point of contact. The fact is that police recourses and often procedural practice hampers investigations in these areas. There are also several areas of missing persons that law enforcement are simply reluctant to engage in due to lack of recourses. Private investigators are able to undertake most missing persons investigations at and on your request, and will keep looking as long as you still require answers.

In order for our Investigators at Point-One to find a missing person you will need to provide our investigators with as much information as possible. The minimum information we would require in order for us to assist you would include the following:

  •     Name (correct spelling, not alias, nickname)
  •     Date of birth, (age),
  •     Last known address/addresses,


          Also any the following would be most helpful:

  •     Licenses held (vehicle and any others)
  •     Vehicles (Make, model, color, registration)
  •     Employment details (current and previous)
  •     Mobile telephone numbers
  •     Social websites frequented
  •     Email address/es
  •     Social/sporting interests (pubs, night clubs, sports clubs frequented)
  •     Financial Information (Banks, loans, debts)
  •     Political and religious affiliations
  •     Aliases (along with correct name)

Please keep in mind that the less information you are able to provide the longer it may take our investigator to find the person you are looking for, resulting in higher costs to you. It is also much harder for us to find someone if they have gone to some effort not to be found, IE: Persons who have multiple debts, or may be running from authorities. Teenagers or those in their early 20s may also be difficult to locate due to factors such as possibly staying with multiple friends and being unemployed. Those with a highly transient lifestyle may also at times prove difficult to locate. However, no matter what the circumstances of the missing persons enquiry Point-One will exhaust all resources and make every effort in order to find who you are looking for.




Please take note: At Point-One we at all times make every effort to serve our clients interests in a discrete and completely confidential manner, however due to the nature of a general missing person inquiry and the varied reasons a person might legitimately not wish to be found (e.g.. a violent or abusive domestic situation) we must hold ourselves to a very high standard of ethical, moral and legal obligation and will under some circumstances not supply the address or whereabouts of a female without first obtaining her permission to release that information, unless;

  •     If it is a legitimate debtor situation
  •     When we are under instruction by a solicitor
  •     There is a valid and acceptable reason for us not to contact the person              being sought
  •     We are fully satisfied that the reason for locating a person is legitimate




Please be aware that we can in no way garuntee results when undertaking a missing persons request. We as private investigators have no more power than the average citizen in obtaining information. We do have at our disposal several added tools that allow us to extend search capabilities, and our experience and knowelage will at times be an advantage. We also make the commitment that we will make every legal, ethical and reasonable attempt to obtain a result for you.     

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our online enquiry form, email or by telephone to obtain further information. Also visit our pricing page for an overview of our current costings on Missing Persons investigations.


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