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TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) also known as bug sweeping or counter surveillance, is the process of electronically and physically inspecting offices, buildings, vehicles and telephone systems for the presence of eavesdropping devices.

In a day and age where privacy is becoming more an issue for business, corporations and private citizens it is understandable that many feel and may rightly so believe that someone is either listening to or watching them via covert means. With audio and visual devices being so cheaply and readily available from sources such as online stores it is little wonder that instances of bugging are on the increase. We at 'Point-One' currently offer a solid and comprehensive service undertaking detection work in homes, small offices and vehicles. As with all our services we will undertake with confidence all TSCM work that is within our professional scope. Anything that falls outside this and we will make every attempt to refer you to another TSCM specialist whom would be more suited for your inquiry.

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Whether you are an individual or part of a large corporation you should consider a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures survey if you are dealing with sensitive information, trade secrets, product development, legal problems, negotiations, mergers or take-overs, financial, labor or other disputes.

You could also be considered a target if you are involved in a divorce case, contesting child custody or are involved in other disputes.

You also have to be careful of voyeurs when you share accommodation or live in a commune. A few incidents were recently reported in the local press where tiny "pinhole" cameras were discovered in bathroom ceilings.

Businesses should determine the risk factor by answering the following questions :


  •         Who would benefit from the information in your company?
  •         What is the value of the information in your company?
  •         Do you have local or foreign competitors?
  •         The level of security and countermeasures in place at your company?


  •         Your confidential business or trade secrets are known by competitors
  •         Your activities are known when they should not be
  •         Technicians showing up to do work when no one has called them
  •         Secret meetings and bids seem to be less than secret
  •         Strange sounds or volume changes on your telephone
  •         Sounds coming from the telephone's handset when it is hung up
  •         Your radio or TV suddenly develops strange interference
  •         You have been the victim of a burglary but nothing was taken
  •         Electronic wall plates appear to have been moved slightly
  •         Wall, ceiling or partition dust is noticed on the floor
  •         Repair technicians show up to do work when no one has called them
  •         Your door locks do not "feel right"
  •         Receiving unexpected gifts from strangers operating on a power source


There are numerous methods how an eavesdropper can obtain information from the target or subject :

  •        Hardwired microphone with a recording device
  •        Radio Frequency (RF) transmitting device
  •        Miniature video cameras
  •        Telephone bugs and taps
  •        Recording Devices
  •        Interception of fax or computer generated information
  •        Infrared and Laser beam transmitters
  •        Tracking






TSCM presents as a fairly technical area of investigations that requires a certain degree of expertise and training, also a level of equipment that cannot be obtained at a discount price. Our TSCM service is conducted exclusively by our Principal Investigator whose knowledge and ongoing training in this area places Point-One at the forefront when considering this service.

At Point-One we have taken advice from some of the most highly experienced personnel when investing in the most suitable, reliable and effective equipment for this area of Investigations. Currently our Principal Investigator uses equipment such as the CPM700 and the VS-125 Wireless Camera Hunter in order to undertake a broad and comprehensive sweep of small offices, private residences and vehicles. Point-One will be adding to its range of equipment in order to allow sweeps of much larger office areas and corporate facilities. 

The equipment we use are not for home use and are regarded as possibly some of the better devices available that contain everything needed to perform a professional sweep. Anything less than the equipment used by Point-One can generally be considered ineffective for a comprehensive, effective and appropriate sweep.

Our personalized service will be tailored to your needs; however we always approach this area with a logical and sensible amount of reasoning. Contacting us with your inquiry is always the first step in ascertaining if this service is suitable for your needs and requirements.

As with everything Point-One undertake, we strive to provide the most professional, thorough, efficient and cost effective service possible. For further details please contact us via email, telephone, or simply complete the online inquiry form.

TSCM equipment


Please Note


It is important that a systematic physical and electronic examination is performed of the designated areas. There are also different service levels. Not all companies or individuals face the same threat. Make sure that you get the right level of service for your company and the possible threat that you face. TSCM is by it's very nature a very time consuming undertaking, there simply are no short cuts. At Point-One we take your privacy and security very seriously.

As this is a fairly specialized area of investigations, TSCM services provided by us are exclusively conducted by our principal investigator who is currently based within the Cairns  region. TSCM can be a very expensive undertaking, at Point-One we are very competitively priced in this area and therefore it is not uncommon that we are asked to attend sites in major cities around Australia as our costs to undertake this service is often more attractive than other local services. If you require this service outside Melbourne and have not been satisfied with a pricing quote that you have received then please feel free to contact us as we may be able to assist you. You may find it far more cost effective to employ our services rather than a local service. Our service to private residences and small business is amongst the most competitive. 


Please take time to look at our pricing page in order to assist you with possible costs. The guide is merely a tool to assist our clients, TSCM is very individualized, if your request is specific then we will make every attempt to work within these parameters and also your budget. If you are not sure about your requirements or needs then do not hesitate to contact us so we are able to discuss your situation. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our electronic bug sweeping page. Phone tapping, eavesdropping, hidden audio/visual devices etc, are a growing concern, our TSCM, bug sweeping service may well suit your needs.    


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